AR & 3D Model Fashion Experience

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YZED was conceived as a fashion platform that utilized 3D WebGl models and AR. Using Google's Model Viewer we were able to display 3D models on desktop and mobile devices. On mobile users were able to have experiences that utilized iOS Quick Look and Android Scene Viewer to display augmented reality scenes. Since it was a prototype we chose to use Firebase for a BAAS, however we are looking at a traditional REST API as it moves towards production.

I worked extensively with a design team to implement their vision from the start. Working with SVG and scroll animations was a great way to incorporate new techniques. We also worked on creating the UI to create something that would be web friendly, while still maintaining their design vision.

I have learned a lot about working with WebGL models and putting them into AR. It has been a great learning experience for a technology that could have great advancements in the future.

Built with: Next.js React, Firebase, WebGL Modeling, AR

Started in Spring 2020

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