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VERS is a platform to connect artists and content creators to a wider audience and sell their products. Streamers set up scheduled demonstrations via live streams while having product sales during those streams. It is way to promote products while increasing sales.

My role for this project was primarily as the frontend developer. It was my first project with the team and I had the most experience within React Native, although most of mine was in regular web React. The rest of my development team had primarily backend experience, so I was able to take the reigns and help them with structuring their React code and troubleshooting. I also took over on a lot of the UI element styling as well since I had the most React Native styling experience on the team.

My last main area of priority was setting up a in-app and push notification messaging system. Since we were on a tight time frame I ended we ended up leveraging Firebase since they allow for both to work fairly easily out of the box. When subscribed scheduling notifications are sent out to users and in app messaging allows for users to be notified of live streaming rooms starting so they can discover new content.

Note: App is not currently released, though plans are in the works for the Korean market.

Built with: React Native, Node, CSS, JavaScript, Express, Firebase, Jest

Started in Summer 2019

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