Point of Sale, History, and Inventory Tracking

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This project was to bring five years of sales records for our retail store that were kept on spreadsheets into the 21st century with a live sales, history, and inventory tracking. We first had to work on creating data models for all of the old sales and the new sales records. After that we were able to create a frontend interface. We also built a system for uploading old sales data via spreadsheets. The final part was working with the store to create a sales report system and inventory tracking that would work for them. It included sales, deliveries and tracking, history, and inventory. We ended up digitizing more than 40,000 sales and inventory items from the past five years.

My role was quite large in this project. I was essentially working on all of the Create, Update, and Destroy on the store side. I built the frontend and backend business logic for the sales, deliveries, inventory, scheduling, and history.

I ended up taking on the design system as well in this one. We were using drag and drop UI editor that management had wanted to test out, but most of their components did not fit the styling from our UX designer. This meant a lot of custom CSS had to be implemented. It also meant that several custom Cordova plugins and custom jQuery for the drag and drop framework had to be built to meet our needs in frontend functionality.

Built with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Cordova

Started in Winter 2019

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